AIG Companies Unveil New Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage Options

January 13, 2004

AIG Global Energy and the Domestic Accident & Health Division of the AIG Companies announced the availability of On-the-Job Accident Protector, an Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance program for people performing hazardous jobs. On-the-Job Accident Protector provides up to $250,000 in AD&D benefits.

Under the On-the-Job Accident Protector coverage, benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance policy the insured worker may have – reportedly creating two advantages for covered employees.

First, On-the-Job Accident Protector complements existing programs, providing greater coverage for employees and their families. Second, On-the-Job Accident Protector helps offset any gaps created by deductibles in the employee’s workers’ compensation coverage.

“A comprehensive employee benefit program enhances the ability of a company that has employees in hazardous positions to recruit and maintain a high-quality workforce, which in turn may increase productivity and reduce risk,” said Ralph Mucerino, president, AIG Global Energy.

Beyond traditional AD&D coverage components, On-the-Job Accident Protector can be expanded to include Commutation Coverage, which covers the transportation of workers to remote locations such as offshore oilrigs or a remote stretch of power lines.

Additionally, the program provides non-insurance benefits such as financial consulting and bereavement counseling, as well as a unit of professionals within AIG Claim Services, Inc. to handle all claims processing and service.

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