ACE Donates $1 Million as Part of Five-Year Commitment to Families of Victims of 9/11

January 7, 2004

The ACE Group of Companies announced that, as part of its five-year commitment to aid the families of victims of the September 11 tragedy in the United States, ACE will be donating $500,000 each to World Vision and The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies Inc. (The Coalition).

In response to the World Trade Center tragedy, ACE established a fund to provide $1 million each year for five years to organizations aiding families affected by the tragedy in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. This is the third of five $1 million donations that ACE has made since 2001.

After reviewing proposals from a number of organizations, ACE decided to make donations to two charities this year. The donation to World Vision will support a project called ‘The Storehouse’, which involves the opening of a facility to provide practical assistance for families affected by the tragedy, including the provision of clothing, personal care items, school supplies, food and other essential items. The Coalition will use the funds to help continue mental health support for families of victims through its work with voluntary mental health agencies in the New York area. ACE funds will help The Coalition support a program in each borough of the city, except Manhattan where two agencies were chosen.

“There are still very real issues being faced by families of the victims of September 11,” commented ACE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Duperreault. “Our goal was to provide more than just immediate assistance to families, as a tragedy such as this brings in its wake economic and emotional challenges that last many years. I’d like to thank both World Vision and The Coalition for recognizing that there is still a need for us to reach out and help and I’m pleased that ACE’s donation will strengthen their ability to do so.”

Previous recipients of the fund were the American Red Cross (2001) and the Greater New York and New Jersey Divisions of The Salvation Army (2002). The ACE Group of Companies has more than four thousand employees in offices throughout the United States, including New York.

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