PIA National Applauds Three-Month Reauthorization of National Flood Insurance Program

November 28, 2003

The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) this week applauded action by Congress to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for three months, until March 31, 2004, to allow more time to consider reform proposals.

PIA conducted a nationwide grassroots lobbying effort to ensure that Congress give priority to a seamless reauthorization of the flood insurance program prior to adjournment.

“This will hopefully give the Senate time to hold hearings on legislation previously passed by the House (H.R. 253) that both extends and reforms the flood insurance program,” said PIA National Assistant Vice President of Federal Affairs Peter Bizzozero. “The elements of comprehensive legislative reform embodied in H.R. 253 will serve as a good basis for action during the next session. PIA does not oppose common sense reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program, but our first priority was to ensure a seamless reauthorization of the program because our members and their clients depend on the uninterrupted availability of flood insurance coverage to protect their homes and businesses.”

In late 2002, Congress adjourned without passing NFIP reauthorization, leading to widespread concern about the status of properties insured from Jan. 1, 2003 until Congress passed a one-year retroactive reauthorization on Jan. 9, 2003.

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