CDS Business Mapping Unveils Birdseye Geocoding

July 22, 2003

CDS Business Mapping, a provider in online hazard mapping, announced the release of its revolutionary, patent pending, Birdseye Geocoding™ technology.

Birdseye Geocoding combines digital street files and aerial images to provide the most accurate geocode possible. The aerial image allows the user to get a “Birdseye View” of the immediate area, and come up with the exact latitude and longitude of the property simply by clicking with the mouse. To use this service the user enters an address, and then the location is displayed on a digital map with the aerial map placed beside it. The aerial photo allows the user to be able to pinpoint the precise location of the property because they can visually locate the property in the photograph. The user clicks on the image where the subject is located. This recalculates the longitude and latitude of the property. The new, more accurate geocode is used for better results from the mapping application.

CDS has implemented this new technology in its RiskMeter Online hazard mapping service. The RiskMeter uses this concept to allow the user to move seamlessly between the digital risk maps and the aerial photos.

With Birdseye Geocoding, the user gets more accurate results in distance critical tests such as excess flood determinations, proximity to brush and California Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports.

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