ISO’s New Services Now Connects Insurers’ Extranets to Risk-Management, Loss-Control Info. Database

April 22, 2003

Insurance Services Office, Inc.’s (ISO) Engineering and Safety Service (E&S) unit has introduced a new Enterprise Subscription Service that enables insurance companies to connect their extranets for agents, policyholders and risk managers directly to the E&S database for business-related risk-management and loss-control information. The user-friendly system does not require entering any passwords or identification.

The Enterprise Subscription Service will also allow insurers’ employees to access E&S information directly through their companies’ intranet platforms. ISO has put in place state-of-the-art security systems and encryption technologies to link E&S customers and their business partners seamlessly to E&S information on ISOnetSM — ISO’s password-protected Internet platform.

The new service will also reportedly allow carriers and their agents to distribute proprietary E&S information to policyholders more quickly and efficiently and at a lower cost.

This new capability for intranet connectivity by carriers — available only to insurers subscribing to this new service — reportedly makes it easier for E&S customers to access E&S information directly from remote locations. In addition to serving loss-control professionals, this new functionality helps underwriters requiring business-related information to assess risks.

The Enterprise Subscription Service also reportedly eliminates the need for insurers’ employees to register individually for E&S on ISOnet.

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