AAI Says McDonald’s Class-Action Decision a ‘Victory for Common Sense’

January 23, 2003

The Alliance of American Insurers (AAI) is applauding U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet’s dismissal of a class-action lawsuit that claimed McDonald’s food caused the plaintiffs’ health problems including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

“This lawsuit, while ending favorably for the defense — McDonald’s — should send a clear signal that our legal system is under attack,” Kenneth Schloman, Alliance Washington counsel, said. “While we certainly applaud Judge Sweet’s decision as a victory for common sense, this is another example of the kind of lawsuit that is strangling our courts.”

According to Schloman, lawsuits like this one only drive up the cost of living for all Americans. Consumers invariably wind up footing the “lawsuit tax” in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

The Alliance supports civil justice reform with the goal of ensuring fairness, balance and predictability in America’s legal system.

Schloman added that while many explanations exist for the dramatic rise in class actions – from changes in procedural rules to the need for an ever-growing population of attorneys to become more entrepreneurial – the result is the same across all segments of the business community: class-action lawsuits are forcing companies to focus on lawsuits rather than manufacturing better products, providing better services or lowering prices.

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