Court Rules Ohio Good Samaritan Immunity Law Covers Non-Medical Help

September 2, 2016

A divided Ohio Supreme Court says the state’s good Samaritan law applies to individuals trying to provide non-medical help in emergencies.

The court ruled 4-3 Tuesday in favor of a man sued after his unsuccessful efforts to free another man whose leg was pinned between a truck and a loading dock in Fairfield.

Dennis Carter lost his leg after Larry Reese, the man trying to help him, inadvertently caused the truck to roll back and crush Carter’s leg.

Attorneys for Reese said he shouldn’t be held liable for the accident because Ohio’s good Samaritan law protects people trying to help in such circumstances.

Justice Terrence O’Donnell, writing for the majority, says the law applies to anyone providing emergency care or treatment, not just health care professionals.

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