Illinois Businesses Pick Up Pieces After Large Fire

June 12, 2015

When a Utica, Ill., neighborhood was recently hit by a large fire, a local restoration company responded quickly to restore multiple businesses.

Dana Jennings, owner of Rainbow International of The Illinois Valley, said his team was called in as soon as firemen left the scene and began immediate fire mitigation, set up odor control equipment, and started the drying process.

“When the owner of Skoog’s Pub & Grill called us at 5:30 a.m. the morning after the fire in May, we arrived on scene after the fire department cleared the scene,” said Jennings.

Fire damages Utica, Ill., businesses. Photo: Rainbow International
Fire damages Utica, Ill., businesses. Photo: Rainbow International

Local businesses, including Skoog’s Pub & Grill, Flutterby Junction popcorn shop, and Joy & Eds suffered extensive smoke and water damage, said Jennings. In addition, he said several apartments above the businesses had smoke and water damage. Second Look Antiques antique store also suffered extensive fire, smoke and water damage.

Fellow franchise owner, John Gurtler, from Rainbow International of South & West Suburbs and his team responded to the call for emergency assistance. Together, the two Rainbow International restoration companies took up the entire block with vehicles, manpower and equipment. The fire cleanup and mitigation on the multiple commercial buildings affected was split between the sister companies.

Skoogs Pub & Grill after fire. Photo: Rainbow International
Skoogs Pub & Grill after fire. Photo: Rainbow International

“We all responded quickly and showed unity between offices,” said Gurtler. “I was impressed by how all of our technicians and project managers came together as a professional large loss division.”

Both Jennings and Gurtler said the prompt response and joint effort was an over-the-top success to restore these local businesses and homes.

Jennings added that knowing they were able to offer hope and the much-needed “everything is going to be okay” support to these business owners was rewarding.

Source: Rainbow International

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