Minnesota Lawmaker Wants to Ban Use of Bisphenol-A In Kids’ Products

February 4, 2009

A Minnesota state senator is pushing legislation that would ban a certain chemical from products for young children.

Democratic Sen. Sandy Rummel of White Bear Lake says Minnesota is one of more than a dozen states considering bills regulating bisphenol-A. Rummel’s bill would apply to things like toys, bottles and infant formula packaging designed for children younger than age 3.

Some scientists believe exposure to even trace amounts of bisphenol-A can harm people, though other studies have concluded that the chemical is safe.

This week, members of two different Senate committees heard testimony on the bill.

One scientist urged lawmakers to pass it, citing studies of mice that showed health problems after exposure to the chemical.

But industry representatives argued there’s no reliable alternative to the chemical and that banning it would cause problems for manufacturers.

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