Non-Profits Say Resources Very Low After Midwest Flooding Disaster

July 2, 2008

Dallas, Texas-based Ketchum, Inc., a non-profit consultant in the area of fundraising, recently conducted a survey with over 50 not-for-profit organizations in the Midwest flood zone. The results showed that resources have been hit hard; 83 percent of those surveyed have received no additional financial support even though almost half have had increased demand for services.

In addition, news reports suggest that the Red Cross is struggling to provide supplemental assistance to non-profits as their disaster relief fund now requires loans to pay for food, shelter and other services for flood victims. It is estimated that the total bill for that flood relief will be at least $15 million.

The Red Cross is not the only organization in crisis, Ketchum said. Many other non-profits are also seeing lack of additional volunteer support; a number of others are returning to water-logged offices and have suffered substantial property damage. Consistently, the survey respondents cited need for increased funding and volunteers to help bring their services back quickly.

“These organizations provide critical services to their communities that are particularly important in times of crisis and rebuilding and yet they are not always in the media spotlight. We hope that by drawing attention to the impact of their work, we can inspire individuals, corporations and other organizations to take action and help,” said Kristina Carlson, president of Ketchum, Inc.

Ketchum, Inc. said it has helped over 10,000 organizations raise more than $15 billion for education, healthcare, the arts, community support, youth and social services, and religious organizations.

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Source: Ketchum, Inc.

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