Lexington Insurance Co. Sues to Recoup Losses in Iowa Mansion Fire

February 27, 2008

An insurance company that insured a $3 million Bettendorf house destroyed in a fire is suing several businesses to recover its losses.

Lexington Insurance Co. blames the fire on the contractors who built the home, the water company that provided the fire hydrants and the developer of the subdivision.

The 9,400-square-foot house was destroyed Nov. 15, 2006, after flames in a gas fireplace ignited combustible material in a surrounding wood frame.

The lawsuit claims that the fireplace was installed improperly, with not enough clearance between the metal fireplace box and the wood framing. In addition, insulation had been found on top of the fireplace box.

Lexington is also critical of the firefighters’ struggles to get enough water to extinguish the blaze. According to the lawsuit, water pressure was lost within a minute of use, and silicone was found clogging the hoses, nozzles and fire trucks. The silicone came from the recently installed water hydrants.

Lexington is suing Gabrilson Heating & Air Conditioning, Adolphson Insulation, Iowa-American Water Co., Faulhaber Custom Homes and McCarthy-Bush Corp. to recover its loss.

Tom Faulhaber declined comment. An attorney for Lexington and the remaining defendants could not be reached for comment.

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