Ohio Governor Names 11 to New Board of Workers’ Comp Bureau

August 2, 2007

  • January 12, 2009 at 8:19 am
    Jerry Ellis Sr says:
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    My Opinion’s This new board is a great idea but I have yet to see that anything has been reviewed by this board?I was told by Brad at BWC that the BWC doesn’t have jurisdiction over the self-insured company’s.So who does???The laws or lack of laws that the self-insured company’s are given is a joke.self-insured companys get away with murder
    To all workers at self-insured companys, beware!!!The Gov.Offices has aloud the big companys the right to self-insure there employees! This means they get to make the rules as they go on your injured workers claims. For example if you are injured they have the right to refuse treatment so you have to fight through BWC and IC to get treatment for your injury that you got at there company!!This is a joke!! We have been fighting for ten year and two bankruptcy later and still dont have a settlement yet!Also we wrote a letter to Gov.Office to check into our case at BWC and they did and it took the Gov. office 3 days to hear back from BWC.This was put on our claim file of 427 documents on our 12 year fight at BWC & IC.This letter was deleted from our 427 documents file by someone at BWC.I feel this was done to cover there tracks at BWC.You would think that our tax dollars that pay for the workers at BWC & IC would answer there phone’s when called.

    As a self-insured company you have to go through BWC and get a settlement form and the company you work for has to ok the settlement price before you can send the form in!! So all the company has to do is offer you what ever they fell like! In our case it was 5,000 for an injury that made my wife disabled for life!! Everyone knows thats a joke!!But by the self-insured law pur-Brad at BWC,We have to agree on the settlement before we can file form for one!! What kind of a law is that!I will tell you it is for the big companies that give big money to Gov.Campaines!!Or jobs for there family’s who help them at BWC & IC.

    Thats all the Gov. cares about not the person who gets injured but the companys that give big money to there campaines!! Thats how this self-insured law came into effect, so if you work at a self-insured company like Honda Beware!! Because you are about to get nothing and no help from any Gov. Office in Ohio if you get injured! If these company’s where made to take care of there injured worker and not force them into SSD then SSD would not be in the shape it is today!

    So who is paying for the companys injured workers, The tax payer not the company that injured the worker!! It must be nice for the big companies to have the Gov.Offices taking care of them like this!! We are sorry that you the tax payer has to take care of the self-insured injured workers!!We are living off of our SSD and losing every thing we have worked so hard in life to get! This is not right so call your Senators and tell them it is time for a change!! Better yet tell Mr.Obama that it is time for a change on the unlawful,laws that lets this happen to the injured workers of America!

    Thanks The Ellis Family

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