Former Ohio Judge Must Pay Legal Fee, Court Rules

September 29, 2006

  • September 29, 2006 at 3:03 am
    media mogul says:
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    There are a couple of great things about this story–

    \”O\’Neill, of Dublin, retired with a pension after working at the Franklin County Board of Elections to earn more time as a government employee.\”

    If we ever needed off-hand, indirect assurance that the electoral process in this country, especially in the Republican-corrupted state of Ohio (and Florida, remember all that stuff that led to our appointed president who was elected for the first time in 2004 through winning the key state of Ohio…?), we see mention that a corrupt judge was allowed to work on elections to get a state pension.


    Maybe this will give us a clue–Katherine Harris was rewarded for her efforts in the election/appointment fiasco with political office, but is considered so whacked out by voters in Florida that her current election chances are nil and her pol career is cooked–until she gets some cushy reward position from brother Jeb–just you wait–it\’s coming, or its equivalent from a more hidden source.

    The second thing has occurred to me often as a juror. Typically, everybody in the court is making big money but the jurors and all the incompetence and imperfection in the justice system is dumped into the jurors\’ laps because they have to render a verdict. Most jurors serve at a financial loss! I am just so very glad that at least one corrupt judge has discovered, personally, the high cost of legal fees and legal process in this country.

    How much justice can you afford? And with a corrupt judge, obligated to the other side?

    Have a great weekend.

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