Mo. Gov. Blunt Talks Earthquake Response Plans with Executive Branch

December 11, 2005

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt recently met with all state department directors for an earthquake preparedness briefing.

The meeting was the culmination of several weeks of preparation by all cabinet level officials to coordinate their individual earthquake response plans to ensure the state is prepared to respond to a significant earthquake.

“In order for Missouri to be prepared for, respond to and recover from a catastrophic earthquake, federal, state and local plans must compliment one another,” Blunt said. “I am pleased that our state agencies have responded to this challenge to plan for a natural disaster of this magnitude. My administration is committed to protecting the safety of all Missourians and will continue to work diligently to plan and prepare for the worst possible scenarios.”

The briefing was an opportunity for all state departments to discuss the plans they have written for major disasters.

Over the past weeks, divisions within Public Safety, including the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), the Adjutant General’s Office, the Highway Patrol, the Water Patrol and the Fire Marshal’s Office, have been meeting to integrate their individual response plans into a more universal model, following Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Plan.

State departments will continue to work with federal agencies, local government and non-profit organizations to maximize Missouri’s response to a massive earthquake. Much of this work, including communication and drilling is handled through SEMA. SEMA holds quarterly, at a minimum, meetings with the Governor’s Missouri Disaster Relief Partnership (State Citizen Council).

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