Mich. Home Health Care Worker Charged with Felony

May 24, 2004

A 28-year-old woman who was supposed to care for her 89-year-old client has been arrested and arraigned on a charge of misleading her client into signing a new car lease, according to Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox.

Queen Pfeiffer, the victim’s caretaker, is alleged to have fraudulently obtained a signature with the intent to cheat or defraud, contrary to MCL 750.273. The charge is a felony with a maximum penalty of 10 years or $5,000. A preliminary hearing was ordered for June 10.

Pfeiffer was assigned by her employer to be a home care worker for an 89 year-old woman who had recently returned home from a nursing home. The woman was recovering from injuries sustained in an auto accident and was on several pain medications.

Pfeiffer is alleged to have convinced the woman to accompany her to Goodman Cadillac, in Ann Arbor, on the pretext that some insurance papers needed to be signed. Pfeiffer and the victim went into the finance manager’s office where Pfeiffer had the victim sign documents agreeing to lease a new automobile.

The victim’s doctor has indicated that on the day the transaction occurred, the victim was impaired due to her medication.

“The victimization in this case was solely by the hand of the suspect,” Cox said. “But everyone should be on guard against such abuse to minimize its impact on those least able to defend themselves against it.”

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