Minn. Federation Warns Homeowners of Damage Concerns

July 7, 2003

As the summer storm season marches on, Minnesotans continue to deal with the damage that goes along with severe weather. The Insurance Federation of Minnesota is urging homeowners to take caution regarding tree removal services.

A number of homeowners have reportedly recently fallen victim to greedy tree removal contractors who are sometimes triple charging to remove trees from a homeowner’s dwelling or covered structure. The state does not regulate this type of service, so it’s up to the homeowner to act cautiously.

“This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about this problem,” said Al Parsons, CEO of the Insurance Federation of Minnesota. “Every storm season it seems insurers report case after case of innocent homeowners that are protecting their property and often get taken advantage of by tree removal contractors who are trying to make a
quick buck.”

Homeowners reportedly run the risk of paying some outrageous tree removal bills without first consulting with their insurance company.

“Insurers understand homeowners sometimes need to act quickly to prevent continued property damage. And, policyholders have a duty to minimize that damage, however, in those extreme situations, people should do the minimum amount of work to get the house water tight,” Parsons said.

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