KANETIX Sponsors Distracted Driving Program in Ontario

November 19, 2014

KANETIX announced the launch of an anti-distracted driving training program in Ontario. Brought forth by non-profit organization Teens Learn to Drive, the Impact Teen Drivers program speaks directly to the people responsible for educating teenagers on matters of safe and attentive driving practices—from police officers, to public health workers and non-profit organizations, to driving instructors and teachers.

“It’s really important that we continue to bring forward this message that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous—even though you’re an excellent texter, even though you’ve been drinking coffee for the last 10 years while you drive,” said Anne Marie Hayes, founder of Teens Learn to Drive. “All it takes is one mistake and it can change your life—or end it.”

As part of its #DistractedToDeath campaign, KANETIX donated $1 for every pledge taken to not drive distracted to help bring Impact Teen Drivers to Canada. Founded by the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the California Casualty Management Company, and the California Teachers Association, Impact Teen Driving was launched in 2007. It is available in 28 states.

“It has been really successful in the States and this is the first time it’s been brought to Canada. Without KANETIX, it wouldn’t have been possible,” Hayes said.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the number one killer on the roads, surpassing both speeding and impairment related fatalities.

“We all have a responsibility to teach young drivers about safe driving practices and ways to avoid being distracted at the wheel,” said Andrew Lo, KANETIX’s chief marketing officer. “Our mission at Kanetix is to help make the roads safer for everyone, whether you’re 17 or 70. By starting with young and new drivers, we hope to help instil attentive driving practices from day one.”

The one-day training event will take place on November 12 in Mississauga. It will feature close to 75 participants from across Ontario and the GTA—from injury prevention specialists to OPP officers—who will take the training back to their communities and implement it in distracted driving related programming.

For more information on distracted driving visit www.distractedtodeath.com


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