Comfort Insurance Looks at the Importance of Catalytic Converter Clamps

May 13, 2013

Catalytic converter thefts are rising fast in the UK. Motorhome owners are being urged to take action to help prevent thieves from taking catalytic converters from their vehicles.

Catalytic converters, which reduce pollution causing emissions, are being targeted by thieves because of the precious metals they contain.

Anish Devkaran, Comfort Insurance’s internet and marketing manager says, “Motorhomes can be an easy target for thieves as they sit quite high off the ground, it only takes less than three minutes for thieves to get under the vehicle and remove the parts.”

Anish says that there are a few ways to deter thieves, “Avoid parking your motorhome on the pavement as it makes it even easier for thieves to get underneath the vehicle. You can also mark your catalytic converter and deter thieves by leaving a sign in the window saying it’s marked. However, one of the most important devices is the catalytic converter clamp.”

Catalytic converter clamps are designed with heavy duty aircraft wire rope that wraps around the entire converter making it difficult to cut quickly.

Anish says, “Experienced thieves will look for a quick and easy target so when they see that the catalytic converters are possibly marked and have a clamp around them, owners reduce the risk of being targeted.”

Comfort Insurance has teamed with FleetTalk to provide clamps. Catalytic converters cost anywhere between £800 to £3,000 to replace for motorhomes. It can take a few weeks to find a replacement, plus a claim can affect future insurance policies. Clamps cost between £200- £400.

Source: Comfort Insurance

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