Survey Reveals Britain Motorists Fear Car Crime

January 9, 2012

Britain’s motorists are living in fear of having their car stolen or broken into according to a new poll, even though car crime numbers have fallen over the years.

Admiral, a provider of motor insurance in the UK, commissioned YouGov to survey 2,500 drivers as part of the annual Admiral Survey of British Motorists, and found almost three quarters (74 percent) worry about their car being stolen or broken into. Drivers in the East Midlands, and Yorkshire are most concerned, with 80 percent in those regions worrying about their car being stolen or broken into, while only 63 percent of Scotland motorists worry about it.

This, despite Admiral’s own claims statistics that show the number of cars being stolen or broken into has dropped dramatically over the past decade. In fact, in 2011 0.16 percent of motorists insured by Admiral had their car stolen compared to 0.54 percent in 2001. Car break ins show a similar pattern, as ten years ago 0.61 percent of motorists insured by Admiral had their car broken into compared to 0.16 percent in 2011.

The survey also examined which types of vehicle were the most likely to be targeted by criminals. The company found the Nissan Sunny, BMW X6 and Audi RS6 were the three cars most likely to be stolen. The Nissan Figaro is the car most likely to be broken into followed by the Citroen C8 and BMW 730.

Source: Admiral Group plc

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