Heavy Storms Pound Central Europe

July 22, 2011

Heavy thunderstorms and strong winds have pounded Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, tearing the roofs off homes and bringing down trees. In Poland, one woman was killed when part of a metal roof fell on her, and five others were injured.

Fire fighters said Thursday that the storm that hit Poland overnight damaged more than 180 roofs and brought down power lines and more than 1,000 trees. It also flooded streets and basements in many places.

In the Czech Republic, dozens of children had to be evacuated Thursday from several summer camps after a day of heavy rains soaked the ground and raised a risk of floods.

Rivers reached dangerous levels in some parts of the Czech Republic, especially in the northern Liberec region near the border with Poland, and meteorologists warned there is a danger of flooding.

A woman in her 30s was killed in the central Polish town of Kolodziaz, northeast of Warsaw, when a part of a metal roof fell on her. It took two hours for an ambulance to reach her because fallen trees blocked roadings leading into the area, according to a report by the all-news station TVN24.

The woman’s brother was also lightly injured by the broken roof.

Polish fire brigade spokesman Pawel Fratczak said that in all, five people in Poland were injured, including three people who were in a tent when parts of a tree fell on them.

More storms are expected through Friday.

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