Alberta, Canada Companies Earn More than $63M in WCB Premiums

June 6, 2005

Despite a growing economy and a rapidly expanding workforce, injury rates among Alberta, Canada workers are on the decline. In fact, the injury rate has dropped from 4.9 per 100 in 1990 to 2.6 per 100 workers in 2004.

That’s good news for workers and more than 5,000 employers registered in the Partners in Injury Reduction program. These employers made safety a priority at their companies and as a result, will share over $63 million in premium rebates.

“This is a great time to be in Alberta. Not only is our economy strong, more employers are investing in health and safety and it’s paying off,” said Guy Kerr, president and CEO, WCB-Alberta. “In 2004, PIR participants outperformed non-PIR participants by having 6.8% fewer lost-time claims than non-PIR participants.”

“Alberta has the lowest workplace injury rate in over 10 years,” said Minister Mike Cardinal, Alberta Human Resources and Employment. “This is no small effort and is a result of all of the partners; employers, industry, labour and safety associations working together.”

Partners in Injury Reduction is a voluntary program that offers employers premium rate discounts for implementing effective health, safety and disability management programs. By joining PIR, employers can reportedly earn up to 20 per cent off their industry insurance rate and make their workplaces safer.

The PIR program is a partnership between WCB-Alberta, Alberta Human Resources and Employment – Workplace Health and Safety, industry safety associations and employers.

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