Teams with MEDEX to Launch Affordable Travel Coverage

May 19, 2005

An innovative partnership between and MEDEX Assistance Corporation promises to bring the benefits of comprehensive travel coverage, usually reserved for employees of large corporations, to leisure travelers, entrepreneurs and individual employees at small to mid-size businesses.

The “TravMed Choice plan,” which combines both traditional and non-traditional benefits, provides “emergency medical coverage of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 as well as a flexible deductible of $250 or $100 per incident, with all choices determined by the subscribing traveler’s needs and preferences,” said the announcement. “TravMed Choice also covers emergency medical evacuation protection up to $100,000; trip interruption coverage up to $5,000; lost, stolen or damaged travel baggage up to $250, and even an option which includes organizing and covering evacuation expenses due to terrorism, political and civil unrest up to $100,000 per incident.”

“The TravMed Choice plan offers tremendous flexibility for travelers and the political evacuation enhancement reflects the growing concerns of travelers over safety and security issues,” stated President Jim Grace. “I know of no other insurer that provides this type of evacuation protection to consumers, much less at so affordable a price-point. Indeed most companies specifically exclude this type of political evacuation from their coverage.”

The bulletin explained that “additional terrorism/political evacuation coverage is offered as a rider on the MEDEX Assistance TravMed Choice plan at the cost of a mere dollar-a-day per person. The rider covers evacuation to the most feasible safe haven when appropriate officials in the traveler’s home country (such as the U.S. State Department) issue a written declaration that travelers should leave the host country for non-medical reasons due to terrorism or political unrest.” The coverage is also activated when government officials of the host country order travelers to leave.

“This type of coverage was developed at the behest of our corporate clients in response to the increasing political instability around the world, and the potential dangers that unrest represents particularly to Western travelers,” explained MEDEX Global Group, Inc. President and CEO Bruce Kirby. “We believe that creating protection plans such as this helps fulfill our responsibility as industry leaders and reinforces our role as an industry innovator.” allows consumers to rate, compare, analyze and purchase travel insurance from all the leading travel insurance companies, all in a completely secure environment. To learn more about this plan or to purchase the TravMed Choice and optional political evacuation rider call the InsureMyTrip Customer service team at 800-487-4722 or visit the website at:

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