Blazeguard Product Video Comparison Offers Look at Burn Scenario vs. Competition

March 16, 2005

International Barrier Technology Inc., a manufacturer of proprietary fire resistant building materials, has released a video which demonstrates the fire resistant effectiveness of the Blazeguard product. The video reportedly shows that strikethrough to untreated roof and wall sheathing, Blazeguard exhibits strong fire resistant capabilities.

The video demonstrates how two structures, one built with standard oriented-strand board (OSB) and the other with Blazeguard show two entirely different burn scenarios. After both buildings were set on fire, the building constructed with Blazeguard reportedly remained intact (no ignition), while the building constructed of untreated OSB was completely destroyed.

“The staging of the video burn was intended to simulate how external fuel sources, such as burning embers blowing onto a roof deck or burning brush on an external or internal wall, could potentially ignite a home, much like wildfires”, reported Dr. Michael Huddy, International Barrier Technology Inc. president. “Even small sources of fuel can start a house on fire. If the wall or roof sheathing is not protected with a material like Blazeguard, even a small amount of burning material may eventually destroy an entire house.”

Barrier anticipates utilizing the video to help homeowners, homebuilders and insurance companies understand how important fire rated construction is and to let them know that materials, like Blazeguard, exist to help them design and build structures which are considerably safer from fire destruction and damage.

International Barrier’s Blazeguard product is reportedly experiencing rapid sales growth in both the multi-family residential and commercial modular markets.

A $2.7 million capital improvement project, which will include a new 15,000 sq. foot manufacturing building and a new manufacturing production equipment line, will reportedly enable Barrier to double current manufacturing capacity and meet increasing demand.

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