Ivan Continues Caribbean Rampage: Jamaica, Cayman’s Hit; Cuba and U.S. on Alert

September 13, 2004

  • September 13, 2004 at 3:29 am
    Diana says:
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    Ivan thoroughly destroyed the district of Portland Cottage in southern Clarendon, Jamaica. 8 people died, and all the rest of inhabitants lost their roofs and some lost their entire homes. The people are without homes as they were all flooded by the hurricane as well as by the river overflowing its banks. They have no clothes, no food, no money, nothing. They are mostly housed in a shelter in Lionel Town, the next close district, which also suffered a lot of damage. I am endeavoring to get donations in money to send to the church in the district – Hebron Gospel Assembly – to buy food and clothes for these people, and also to the Clarendon Parish Council to help rebuild homes for them. Please contact me at my email address with any assistance you are prepared to offer. Any monetary donation will be gladly accepted. Thank you very much.

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