MJM Investigations Notes Partnership in Australia

May 25, 2004

  • July 17, 2004 at 12:18 pm
    Mike Evans says:
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    “As a strategic partner of MJM Investigations, Milne and Associates is reportedly rapidly becoming the insurance investigation leader of Australia.”

    I read with much interest the above claim and wonder about the factual accuracy of it. Australia is not an insurance investigation backwater whose investigation agencies are dependant on partnerships with any other entity for innovation, leadership and professional service delivery to the local insurance industry.

    Australia has a virtually corruption free investigation licensing system, that ensures thorough criminal history checks on all licensed investigators and the company directors of investigation agencies. One conviction for drink driving by a director for example could destroy an investigation agencies capability to maintain insurance panel membership for ever.

    Leadership is not about size or outrageous claims. It is about leading by example and not having to exaggerate to create an image that does not exist.

    The true leaders in the Australian investigation industry, provide service excellence, pay their staff on time all the time, and reap the rewards of loyalty from insurance companies and investigators.

    Michael Evans

  • November 2, 2004 at 7:34 am
    Michael Hessenthaler says:
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    Given the emphasis MJM seems to place on it’s so called high-tech case tracking software, both in its publicity on its website and that of its partners in Australia, I note that http://tracord.com.au has been running similar server-side software for quite a long time.

    It is my experience that the Australian investigation market is not quite so appreciative of an American entrepreneurial marketing style as are our United States friends. We tend to be generally suspicious of people or organisations that blow their own trumpet too much. Over the past few years a few agencies practicing this kind of marketing style have gone under much to the glee and mockery of the well established, traditional professional investigators who maintain a profile of quiet achievers.

    It just makes me sit back and wonder about the differences in the practices and culture between us and Americans. I don’t believe I am the only one.

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