Elevator Safety Campaign Launched in New York City

July 12, 2016

According to New York City’s buildings department five people died and 51 were injured in elevator accidents last year.

That’s why a citywide public awareness campaign being launched last week is urging people trapped inside stalled elevators to stay put.

The Daily News reports that the “Stay Safe. Stay Put” ad campaign encourages elevator passengers to remain calm and push the elevator’s alarm button.

According to The Center for Construction Research and Training analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 89 elevator-related passenger deaths from 1992-2009 among people using elevators while at work.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 91 elevator passenger non-work related deaths between 1997-2010. Falls caused over half the deaths which occurred in 23 states. New York ranked at the top of the list with 13 reported elevator-related deaths.

Other advice: Don’t try to pry open the doors or jump up and down. That could affect the brake system and shift the car. And don’t leave the car through any other means until emergency responders arrive.

The agency says the worst elevator deaths occurred when passengers tried to save themselves.

And don’t worry about a free-fall. The buildings department says that just won’t happen.

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