Vermont Town Holds ‘Walking Audits’ to Improve Safety

July 19, 2012

Officials in Brattleboro, Vt., are conducting “walking audits” to help improve pedestrian safety.

Brattleboro planner Sue Fillon is meeting residents on Thursday to walk around a local park and in neighborhoods to gather ideas on how the town can improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Fillon said the audits allow planners to see the roads from a pedestrian’s perspective and hear from the people who use the roads every day.

Brattleboro has had three traffic-related fatalities in recent months, and at least six more accidents involving cars and pedestrians.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports the Selectboard was expected Tuesday to talk about adding stop signs to one area in front of the park.

Select Board member David Gartenstein, who also serves on the Traffic Safety Committee, said the area around Living Memorial Park has been a concern, and deserves attention.

“For quite some time the residents of Guilford Street have been concerned about safety for pedestrians and bicyclists because of the speed at which people drive in the area,” he said. “The presence of the ball fields and the park mean that children are walking and biking. Various steps have been discussed and implemented over the years but people continue to drive quickly through there.”

Fillon said the audits would provide important information as various town departments continue to work on traffic safety.

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