Police: New York Man with Anti-DWI Device in DWI Crash

February 17, 2009

  • February 17, 2009 at 3:16 am
    Dan says:
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    Makes you wonder how many other DWI convictions this clown had. What was the reason for the rental car? Did he misrepresent his driving record on the rental application? These devices are a waste of time and money. All a drunk has to do is get somebody else to blow into it. Penalties for DWI should include the court physically taking the license for some period of time, and if the drunk owned the vehicle – impounding it during the license suspension. (at the drunks expense) The courts keep playing around with this social issue and don’t have the balls to attach a serious consequence to a conviction. The only good thing about this incident is the drunk was alone and didn’t injure anyone else. Too bad he survived.

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