Delaware River States Agree to Joint Flood Control Study

October 5, 2006

  • October 6, 2006 at 9:08 am
    Anne Backlund says:
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    All I have to say is it is about time. The Reservoirs were not only spilling water over the top during the last 3 floods 9/04,4/05 and 6/06 water was released from the dams during the flooding to prevent the dams from breaching and wiping out the whole Delaware River Basin. It doesn\’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the reservior should have been taken down prior to all 3 floods. The River Master and DRBC is denying that they released water which caused massive devastation to homes and businesses from both the east and the west branch of the Delaware above Hancock NY all the way down to Trenton. I own a campground on the Delaware 18 miles below Hancock on the PA side of the river and have witnessed the releases during the flooding 1st hand – my business has been wiped out 3 times. Gov Rendell is right in saying that this won\’t stop flooding as that is a natural occurance but the reserviors should not exacerbate the flooding. I am very happy with this plan to keep the reserviors at 80% – but am also a little bitter and think it is about time. Thank you Anne Backlund, Soaring Eagle Campground Equinunk PA

  • July 26, 2007 at 12:23 pm
    Erik E. Sandstrom says:
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    Subject: Re: Flood Prevention

    How to prevent future flooding?

    Construct huge bladders which by their own weight and type of material will not float. Inflate with air. Millions of gallons of water will be displaced very gradually. In times of flood, let air out.

    If the material of each bladder is 4 inches thick, the weight would keep it down even when full of air.

    The dimensions could be 50 fifty feet by 500 five hundred yards each. Maybe they need anchoring in the center channel.

    Lay these bladders along several miles of the Delaware (or any river). The depth of each would depend on the depth of each river’s center channel.

    In times of flood, let some air out. Lower the level of the river.

    If this idea is feasible, I would love to see it succeed. There are enough heartaches in town.

    Thanks for any feedback. Perhaps the idea has already been considered and scratched.

    Erik E. Sandstrom

    From: Paul Vickers []
    Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:38 PM

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