Pa. AFL-CIO Pleased with Rating Bureau Proposal

December 17, 2004

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George said he is pleased that the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau has proposed to the Insurance Commissioner an average 2.89% decrease in Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs. The lower cost will go into effect on
April 1, 2005.

“We are pleased that Workers’ Compensation average costs are going down,” George said. “We attribute this in large measure to the dramatic 50 percent reduction in workplace injuries that has occurred over a ten-year period,” he said.

“In addition credit should be given to the workplace health and safety
committees that prevent accidents and injuries before they occur,” stated George. “Workplace health and safety committees comprised of workers and management at the workplace, are the primary tools for reducing injuries and accidents.

“In addition employers will also realize an additional five percent
reduction in their costs for establishing and/or continuing workplace health and safety committees in their workplaces.

“Governor Rendell and Labor and Industry Secretary Stephen Schmerin also deserve credit for their initiative in encouraging employers to establish and continue health and safety committees,” George concluded.

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