N.J. Man Parked for Possessing Phony Auto Insurance Identification Card

April 8, 2004

New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Director Vaughn McKoy announced that a Camden County man has been sentenced to probation as a result of possessing a phony automobile insurance identification card in order to avoid the costs of obtaining legitimate automobile insurance. In announcing the court-imposed sentence, the Criminal Justice Director noted that the Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor is targeting the possession and use of fraudulent insurance cards as part of a statewide crackdown on automobile insurance fraud.

According to Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Greta Gooden-Brown, Rafael Gadea, 37, of Camden County, was sentenced by Camden County Superior Court Judge Robert Millenky to three years probation and ordered to pay court costs and fines.

Gooden Brown noted that Gadea pleaded guilty on Feb. 9 to an Accusation which charged possession of a simulated motor vehicle insurance identification card.

In pleading guilty before Judge Millenky, Gadea reportedly admitted that on Jan. 9, 2003, he presented a counterfeit automobile insurance identification card to a New Jersey State Trooper after being stopped for a motor vehicle violation while driving in Camden. The fake insurance card was purportedly issued by the Allstate Insurance Company. Gadea admitted that he bought the card “on the street,” that the card was counterfeit, and that he did not possess valid automobile insurance.

Investigations by the Division of Criminal Justice – Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor have determined that counterfeit or phony insurance identification cards sell for at least $50 to more than $200 each. Counterfeit insurance cards are used by unlicenced and uninsured drivers to avoid obtaining valid and legitimate automobile insurance.

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