N.J. MVC Employee Sentenced in Superior Court on Driver’s License Charge

October 27, 2003

New Jersey’s Vaughn McKoy, Director, Division of Criminal Justice, announced that a former Cumberland County Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) employee was sentenced to probation for providing a fictitious motor vehicle driver’s license to a person who could not otherwise obtain a legitimate license.

According to Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Greta Gooden-Brown, Gina Guzzi, 36, of Cumberland County, was sentenced by Cumberland County Superior Court Judge John Tomasello to three years probation. The court did not order any civil insurance fraud fine as allowed under the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act.

Guzzi reportedly pleaded guilty on Sept. 15 before Judge John Tomasello to charges contained in a criminal Accusation filed by the Division of Criminal Justice – Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor.

At the guilty plea hearing, Guzzi reportedly admitted to falsifying an official MVC document by issuing a duplicate automobile driver’s license to a person who was not entitled to the driver’s license. Guzzi reportedly admitted that she provided the fraudulent driver’s license knowing that it was false. The fraud took place on Sept. 27, 2000. Guzzi was terminated from her employment at the Vineland agency on June 20, 2003.

On Aug. 21, Guzzi’s sister, JoAnn Guzzi, a former supervisor at the same Vineland MVC agency, pleaded guilty to a charge of official misconduct.

JoAnn Guzzi reportedly admitted manufacturing a duplicate automobile title application in the name of another man and signing the application without the person’s knowledge or authorization. Guzzi reportedly admitted that she sold the duplicate title for approximately $80 knowing that the duplicate automobile title was fictitious.

Guzzi was terminated from her MVC employment on June 27. JoAnn Guzzi was sentenced on Sept. 26 to three years probation by Judge Tomasello.

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