California Dentist Accused of 113 Felonies

State regulators say a Beverly Hills, Calif., dentist and his office manager have been arrested for fraudulent billing of insurers.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Friday that 57-year dentist Tom Kalili and 39-year-old Claudia Ventura were arrested for insurance fraud, grand theft and tax evasion that racked up nearly $340,000.

Agency detectives found that Kalili ordered Ventura to fraudulently bill four insurers on behalf of the clinic he owns and operates, Beverly Hills Medical Suite.

Kalili is also accused of submitting fraudulent car insurance claims on behalf of himself and his son, in which detectives say he provided fake medical treatment records and bills with his claims.

Kalili faces 113 felony counts and could get 50 years in prison. Ventura faces 10 felony counts and up to seven years in prison.