Calif. Agent Charged in Auto Fraud Scam

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced that a California Department of Insurance (CDI) investigation has exposed the fraudulent activity of Newport Beach, Calif., resident and former insurance broker, Thomas Joseph Doino. Doino allegedly kept over $7,000 in auto insurance premiums he collected from customers, leaving victims susceptible to thousands of dollars in damages.

CDI investigators revealed that in 2004 and 2006, Doino collected more than $7,000 in auto insurance premiums from at least 11 victims. He provided his customers with phony insurance cards and receipts, leading them to believe they were purchasing valid policies. Instead of forwarding the premium payments to the insurance companies, Donio pocketed the premiums.

Three of Donio’s victims discovered his scam after they were involved in car accidents and attempted to file claims with their insurance companies. The victims are facing more than $10,000 in losses because of Donio’s scheme.

Donio was charged with 11 counts of felony grand theft on June 21, 2007, in Orange County Superior Court. Additional victims who purchased insurance from Doino are being directed to call the Orange County District Attorney’s office or the California Department of Insurance.

Source: CDI