CAIIA Announces Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations Seminars throughout California

As an authorized California Department of Insurance education provider (CDI# 20638) the California Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (CAIIA) will be presenting its annual Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations (FCSPR) seminars at locations throughout California.

At three of the locations (Pleasanton, Pomona, Fresno), we will also be offering the new SEED Program (Seminar for the Evaluation of Earthquake Damage) seminars starting Feb. 28, 2005 through March 4, 2005.

Recently enacted regulations set forth the requirements of Insurance Adjuster Training for Evaluating Earthquake Damage which are now required for any insurer who may have earthquake claims in the State of California. It is extremely important that insurance adjusters be trained and certified before the next earthquake.

Details on the dates, locations, and registration form can be found on the CAIIA Web site,

For questions on the training programs, call Peter Schifrin at (818) 909-9090.