3 Alabama Residents Convicted of Filing False Oil Spill Loss Claims

Federal prosecutors say three Alabama residents have been convicted of fraudulently filing Gulf Oil Spill Fund loss claims.

Officials say 53-year-old Marcella Truss, her 42-year-old husband Martee Davis and the woman’s 42-year-old brother Howard Carroway were each found guilty of trying to steal more than $3 million from a fund established by British Petroleum. The fund was established after a massive oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Prosecutors say the three were convicted of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, filing false claims and aggravated identity theft.

Truss and Davis were also convicted of money laundering. Carroway was also convicted of obstructing justice for telling others involved in the scheme to lie to prosecutors.
Authorities say the three were paid roughly $2 million in the scheme.