Alabama Department of Insurance Back in Service After Water Main Break

A water main rupture interrupted electrical and telephone services for several days to the Alabama Department of Insurance and the RSA Tower Building in which the department is located.

According to Ragan Ingram, assistant Commissioner of Insurance, the staff is expected to be back to full strength today.

Commissioner Walter A. Bell said that 90 percent of the Department’s work areas had electrical power restored by 3:30 p.m. Monday. The final 10 percent was up and running by early Monday evening.

“We appreciate the public’s patience with this situation,” Commissioner Bell said. “We had some employees work in the dark and without air conditioning for a while Monday, and we appreciate their dedication.

“We are checking a storage room on the 23rd floor in which some files were stored to see what damage has been done there. It appears some files have been damaged, but not destroyed.”

Generators are being used to provide power to the building until a permanent solution is implemented.

Source: Alabama Department of Insurance