FIC Unveils Hurricane Central Web Site

The Florida Insurance Council has unveiled its new Hurricane Central Web site ( as the go-to site for consumers for reliable information related to hurricanes.

The new site is part of the industry’s response to legislation passed this session mandating that insurers give consumers better detailed information regarding insurance policies to help Florida residents better prepare for the inevitable hurricanes.

“Our member companies are currently in the process of re-writing policies that will give greater detail and better explain the policy and its coverages for their customers,” said Sam Miller, executive vice president of the Florida Insurance Council. “This site is an extension of the commitment from our member companies to better serve Florida consumers,” he added.

Launched on the eve of the 2005 hurricane season, Miller acknowledged that storm experts are calling for an extremely active hurricane season this year. He said the most critical preparation activity Florida residents should undertake is an insurance policy review with their agent.

“Florida property owners should be sure the policy limits are adequate. If your neighbor’s home just sold for $200,000 and your home is insured for far less, that may be a clue that you are underinsured,” Miller warned. Additionally, he said property owners should give serious consideration to obtaining flood insurance. “Hurricane Ivan proved that you don’t have to live right on the coast to be in a flood zone,” he said.

Miller said following Florida’s horrific 2004 hurricane season, the Florida Insurance Council’s Web site witnessed a 335 percent increase in web traffic, as Florida residents, business owners and media sought vital information about the storms as well as information to assist with the aftermath of each storm.

“When the first storm threatens Florida this summer, we anticipate traffic to the FIC Web site to peak again. In order to give consumers the best information possible, we are consolidating as much of the best information, and links to the best partner sites that we are aware of. Our new Hurricane Central website is intended to be a living, breathing site. We will continuously add new information and new links as often and as quickly as possible,” Miller said.

Information for the FIC Web site is gleaned from a variety of sources, including the Insurance Information Institute, The Florida Division of Emergency Management, The Florida Department of Financial Services, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation—the state-run insurer, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, The Red Cross, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes and the Institute for Business & Home Safety among others.

The Hurricane Web site can be found at: Look for the Hurricane Central link on the upper left hand column.