Ark. Outlines New Rules for Licensing Producers, Consultants, Adjusters

The Arkansas Insurance Department released an outline of requirements for resident applicants for insurance producer, consultant and adjuster licenses that go into effect May 1.

Act 1697 of 2005, Ark. Code Ann. 23-64-506 (c), requires the department to conduct a criminal background check on resident applicants, in order to verify the application information and to ensure that only applicants eligible by law to be producers, consultants, and adjusters are licensed.

The department’s background check on applicants does not reduce or remove the responsibility of the appointing Insurer to conduct an initial appointment investigation under Ark. Code Ann. 23-66-513.

In order for the department to perform a background check on all new resident applicants, both resident individuals who are applying to sit for an insurance exam and those resident individuals applying for a “limited line” license (not requiring an examination), the following must be provided:

–All individuals must complete an Arkansas State Police Individual Record Check Form (ASP-122) using the applicant’s full legal name and attach it to the department’s application for exam permit or limited lines license application.
–The form must be signed and the signature notarized by an Arkansas Notary Public.
–A legible photocopy of the applicant’s Arkansas drivers’ license or Arkansas identification card must also be attached to the ASP-122 form.
–A separate check from the insurer or agency or a money order or cashier’s check made payable to the Arkansas Insurance Department in the amount of $20.00 must be attached to the form.
–No personal check from the applicant or other individual will be accepted for this payment, nor can this payment be combined with any other department fee.

This new procedure is effective May 1, 2006, and all resident applications received on or after that date must have the completed ASP-122 form, fee, and legible driver’s license photocopy attached. If all documents are not included, the application paperwork will be immediately returned to the applicant unprocessed.

The ASP-122 application with application instructions can be found on the department’s Web site at under the License Division link.

For more information contact Fred Stiffler, Director of the License Division at (501) 371-2750 or