Texas Man Accused in Rebuilding Scam

A self-proclaimed pastor in Brownsville, Texas, accused of swindling a woman out more than $11,000 meant to repair her fire-damaged home faces a charge of theft.

Police arrested David Charles Anguiano, 52, on March 21.

Authorities say Anguiano told Teresa Escobedo he would repair her home after it was damaged in a New Year’s Eve fire sparked by a Christmas tree. Escobedo told police that Anguiano said he would charge her less than the insurance estimates and give her the remainder.

Escobedo told police Anguiano damaged her home even more, stole some of her property, failed to pay two laborers and took $11,350 in cash.

“He left me without a house,” Escobedo, a single mother of four, said in a story in Thursday’s editions of The Brownsville Herald. “I’m forced to sell the house because I can’t do anything with it.”

Anguiano told police he spent Escobedo’s money on materials but did not provide proof of the purchases.

Police say they could not confirm Anguino’s affiliation with any congregation in the area.