Texas Workers’ Comp Transition Team Seeks Comment on Rule Development Priorities

The Texas Department of Insurance/Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission Transition Team announced it is soliciting comments on the development of HB 7 Rule Priority Options, including the proper sequencing of rule proposals over the next fiscal year.

The transition team would also like to know if certain rule proposals should be added or paired together to ensure rule consistency.

As a starting point for the creation of the rule development plan, staff has tentatively assigned the highest rulemaking priority to the following categories of rules:

–Rules relating to the transition of TWCC to the new TDI Division of Workers’ Compensation;
–Rules that are required by statute and must be adopted by a specific statutory timeframe;
–Rules that relate to the provision of medical care in and outside of certified networks (i.e., rules that need to be adopted to reduce conflict and confusion for system participants).

E-mail comments and recommendations to WCRules@tdi.state.tx.us until Sept. 2, 2005.