TRCC Seeks Volunteers for Warranty and Standards Advisory Committee

The Texas Residential Construction Commission is in the process of establishing an advisory committee to review proposed changes to the adopted warranties and building and performance standards. During the June 2005 meeting, the commission proposed the rules and guidelines for the committee, and is now accepting applications from individuals who wish to serve on the advisory panel.

The rules will be considered for approval during the commission’s hearing on Aug. 18, 2005.

The commission will use the warranties and standards to evaluate alleged post-construction defects identified in a home. The new state-sponsored Inspection and Dispute Resolution Process is a formal process that provides a homeowner and a builder/remodeler a technical review of the alleged defect by a neutral, certified, third-party inspector or engineer. These neutral inspectors use the objective warranties and standards to provide an expert assessment of the alleged defects.

Since these warranties and standards will affect Texas homeowners across the state, the commission is seeking interested people statewide to volunteer and assist in the regular review and update of the warranties and standards.

The advisory committee as proposed would consist of eleven volunteer members, including:

–Two persons who have experience representing consumers or homeowners;
–Two homeowners who are not employed or involved in residential construction;
–Two registered builders/remodelers or registered agents of a builder/remodeler;
–One representative of a builder/remodeler trade organization;
–One professional engineer certified by the commission;
–One third-party inspector certified by the commission;
–One attorney who primarily represents consumers; and
–One attorney who primarily represents builders/remodelers.

Each committee member will be selected by the commission in open meeting and cannot, by law, be reimbursed for any travel expenses or compensated in any way. Members that are chosen to serve in this advisory capacity will truly be providing a public service to their fellow Texans. A faculty member from the Texas A&M University, Construction Sciences Department will be chosen to chair the committee meetings.

Commission Executive Director Stephen D. Thomas said the committee’s duties will be vital to the commission when evaluating possible amendments to the warranties and standards.

For more information or to apply to be a member of the advisory committee, Texans can contact the commission toll free at (877) 651-TRCC or download the application form at