Rainbow International to Service Water Claims for Texas Select Lloyds

Rainbow International® Carpet Care and Restoration Specialist announced that through an agreement with Texas Select Lloyds Insurance Company it will become a preferred vendor for water remediation claims for Select Lloyds’ Texas policyholders. The agreement establishes the W.R.A.P. program—Water Remediation Action Plan.

“We have selected Rainbow to service water intrusion calls and work to prevent further damage,” said Charles Locke, property claims manager for Texas Select. Locke, who created the W.R.A.P. program, said Rainbow International was his first choice to service his policyholders.

The W.R.A.P. program will provide Texas Select 24 hour access to Rainbow’s franchise network in Texas. Rainbow International will be a preferred vendor where franchise locations currently exist to respond to all W.R.A.P. calls within four hours.

Locke said a major focus of the W.R.A.P. program is to help homeowners guard against potential mold and fungus problems.