Report Using Aerial Imagery Keys in on Hailstorm Risks to Colorado Homes

A report looking at 1.2 million homes in Colorado shows risks in the one of the top states for hail-related insurance claims are made worse by the state of some properties.

The Arturo used artificial intelligence models with aerial imagery, weather data, public records, and post-disaster imagery to analyze property vulnerability to weather-related events.

The report’s findings include:

Colorado sits in the middle of what is called “hail alley,” with a hail season from April 15 to Sept. 15.

“Among homeowners’ insurance claims, wind and hail represent the largest percentage of losses and are simultaneously the most frequent claim type,” the report states. “These events typically result in roof claims, making the roof the most likely and expensive claimed part of a home.”

Arturo is a property intelligence company that offers underwriting, risk, claims and catastrophe-driven event information.