Poll: Consumers OK with AI in P/C Insurance, but Not So Much for Claims and Underwriting

A poll to understand American consumers’ attitudes toward artificial intelligence in the property/casualty insurance sector shows the strongest support for AI’s use in fraud detection, delivering personalized products and promotions and AI in customer service.

According to a poll conducted by Insurity, a provider of cloud software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, 35% of consumers polled supported using AI to further fraud detection efforts.

This was followed by 32% of respondents supporting AI’s use to deliver personalized products and promotions and 24% of consumers supporting AI in customer service.

There was a marked resistance to AI stepping into more decision-critical roles, acccording to the poll. It shows 50% of respondents are against AI’s involvement in claims management, and 45% are against AI being used in underwriting policies.

This poll was conducted online in January 2024, and more than 1,000 adult participants were randomly selected across the U.S.. Respondents were asked eight questions, ranging from multiple-choice to scale-based, to gauge their opinions on AI in P/C insurance.