NCCI Looks to Future Issues Related to Medical Marijuana

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) released a final article in a series examining stakeholder concerns over medical and recreational marijuana use in and out of the workplace.

The article, “The Marijuana Conversation: What’s Next”, addresses the concerns employers, employees, regulators and legislators have about how the drug may be used as treatment for workers’ compensation-covered injuries as well as to deal with workers under the influence of a recreational drug while at work.

Image: NCCI

Besides those stakeholders addressed in prior articles, insurance agents, medical providers and independent rating bureaus “also have questions about the increasing legalization of marijuana at the state level, including the potential impact on workers compensation and their respective roles. All certainly are paying close attention as developments unfold.”

The NCCI addressed the recent development in a case, Bourgoin v. Twin Rivers Paper Co.The Maine Supreme Court heard oral arguments on September 13, in the case which addresses reimbursement for medical marijuana under workers’ compensation. In addition, the article noted that “more than a dozen states are expected to consider marijuana proposals in the coming year, which may add to the number of states with either medical access or recreational marijuana access.”

According to the article, there 20 bills pending before Congress that address marijuana legalization issues.

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