Allstate Eyes Drones to Improve Customer Experience After Catastrophes

Allstate announced a major shift for the insurance industry as it embraces drone technology to further improve customer service. The company has been participating in drone test flights for use in property claims, the company announced. Following years of independent research and development, Allstate has been working with EagleView Technologies to evaluate the use of drones in the claims process.

“Drones are such an innovative technology and Allstate is out in front,” says Allstate Claims Strategy and Innovation Vice President Shawn Broadfield. “I’m impressed by what I’ve seen to date and what we think is possible for our customers in the near future.”

Drone flight. Photo: Allstate
Drone flight. Photo: Allstate

Drone flights are seen as possible improvements to claims efficiency for Allstate, especially after a catastrophe. Often times, physical access to a neighborhood is restricted by local authorities or by debris after disasters. In this situation, a drone could potentially help claims professionals serve customers in spite of those conditions by offering a complete picture of the situation quickly.

Ongoing weather could also affect physical inspections of property where a drone might be able to work without any delay. All of this provides an opportunity for the company to better serve customers in a fast and easy way.

Allstate joined the Property Drone Consortium, which earlier this year received approval from the FAA to use drones for further research that can help expedite the assessment of exterior property, like roof damage. The consortium also plans to continue its research on safety, including collision avoidance, visual line of sight and many additional areas with drones.

“Drones can do things more safely and easier than a lot of what we do today,” Broadfield said. “Drones are already revolutionizing our lives. We’re excited to bring this technology to our business and improve the customer experience as a result.”

Source: Allstate