Crawford Educational Services Launches Online Learning Center for IAIP

Crawford Educational Services, providing insurance industry training for more than 60 years, has launched an online learning center using its KMC On Demand technology platform for the International Association of Insurance Professionals.

“To maintain currency of industry knowledge, insurance professionals need ready access to quality, online educational programs,” said Jane Densch, president of Insurance Professionals. “This need has become even more important with the increasing changes in coverage and the need to access information outside of the traditional classroom. Our partnership with Crawford Educational Services allows us to serve our members with quality, accredited content at an outstanding value. It will also provide Insurance Professionals a medium to create and deliver custom learning programs to address the requirements of our membership.”

The learning center provides access to more than 200 hours of self-paced training on insurance topics including auto, property and casualty, commercial, transportation, and workers compensation claims, as well as fraud, ethics and negotiating.

To promote continuing education to the Insurance Professionals membership, Crawford will offer its “Insurance Ethics” course for free to all members. This three-module course addresses ethical standards, examines insurance regulations and the applicability of state and federal insurance law to claims adjusting, and discusses the nature of the relationship between the insured and the insurer.

Courses in the center are approved by all states that require continuing education credits for adjusters and Crawford will apply for and track credits for those who use the learning center. Members may purchase courses individually or access all courses for an annual fee.

In addition to the training courses, the site links to insurance-relevant information such as social networks and blogs, state licensing requirements, career resources and job outlook, and analytic reports on storms and earthquakes.

“The Insurance Professionals learning center is a central location with essential resources needed by all insurance professionals,” said Douglas Dell, senior vice president of Crawford Educational Services. “We will continue to work with the association to offer and promote continuing education materials and programs that will improve industry standards and provide professional services to the insured.”

Source: Crawford & Company