ACE USA Unveils ACE Spectra

ACE USA, the U.S.-based retail operations of The ACE Group of Companies has introduced ACE Spectra, an admitted insurance product that provides coverage for property damage and business interruption resulting from a tropical storm or hurricane. The policy can cover losses from a single or multiple hurricanes during the annual policy term.

ACE Spectra insurance can be used to reduce windstorm deductibles in current property and business interruption policies while limiting the accumulation of losses from multiple storms in a season. The coverage will reportedly benefit a wide range of properties in the coastal U.S. and the Caribbean.

“Following the difficult hurricane season of 2004, risk managers are increasingly concerned that large windstorm deductibles on their properties can accumulate to levels which can have severe financial consequences,” said Ed Zaccaria, president, ACE US International. “ACE Spectra provides a fixed premium alternative for customers where this is a concern.”

“Being an admitted policy, this new product will fill a much needed niche in today’s commercial market-place,” said Jim Rubel, of the insurance brokerage firm, Lockton. “Following the difficult 2004 hurricane season, ACE Spectra should be well received by our customers.”

“This is the fourth of the hurricane and storm-related products to be released by ACE USA in the last two years,” added John Gallagher, senior vice president, Global Property for ACE US International. “The ACE Spectra product will complement our ACE EVAC, Storm Tracker and Hurricane Spin-down insurance–all of which fill different client needs.”

* ACE EVAC – Provides coverage for business income if a civil authority mandates evacuation during a hurricane, even in the absence of property damage.
* Storm Tracker – Provides coverage with limits dependent upon the proximity and category of a hurricane.
* Spin Down – Business income insurance based on the forecast probability of a specified hurricane making landfall near an insured location.

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