City of Vancouver Streamlines Claims Process With Aon Product

The City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, completed its implementation of the Aon eSolutions iVOS Claims Administration Platform, which enabled the city to streamline its claims operation, reduce paperwork and enhance claimant communication.

Ann Duggan, project manager at the City of Vancouver, said: “At the onset, the timeline was constrained and we knew we had to have the new system live in five and a half months. The company’s project management office helped us develop a plan to meet this timeline. Dedication and hard work by both the city and Aon staff underpinned by a strong project management culture in both organizations ensured that we achieved this goal.”

In the past, the city had been using five systems to manage its general liability, auto and property claims. The city selected Aon’s claims administration system through an RFP process because it would provide the best value and consolidate its claims operations on a single platform to facilitate workflow, document management and reporting capabilities to meet current and future needs.

Oi-Lun Jackson, manager of public claims services at the City of Vancouver, said of the implementation, “All lines of business are now captured in one system and we have real-time status on claims readily available.”

Source: Aon eSolutions